ABOUT Workshops 


Julie Reardon (RIGHT): Baking Workshops

Julie Reardon is a Dublin-based Pastry Chef originally from Co. Tipperary. After graduating from a BA in Culinary Arts, Julie continued working in restaurants as a Pastry Chef under some incredible mentors. After gaining some invaluable experience and knowledge she went on to work for the award-winning Camerino Bakery. Working in Camerino, Julie developed a new set of skills and a passion for cake decorating, and so in 2015 she set up her own bakery, The Flour Artist, specialising in bespoke wedding cakes. She also supplied independent coffee shops with baked goods and operated out of local farmers markets. In 2018, she began working for The Fat Fox part-time and when the opportunity arose to become the executive chef, she decided it was just too good an opportunity to miss, and so joined our team full time.

Julie's ethos is to create unique and natural cakes, using primarily buttercream, fresh flowers and fruits in her designs. She sources where possible seasonal, local and free range ingredients, which is evident in her baking.


Jack Gaughran (LEFT): Coffee Workshops

Jack Gaughran is a Wicklow-based barista who occupies a position at The Fat Fox. Jack started his coffee career eight years ago caring primarily about latte art and almost nothing else. Through time he has developed a passion for learning every possible detail that crosses his coffee path. One of his passions is learning, teaching and passing on what he know to others.
Jack runs courses that caters for all ages/ occupations/ backgrounds and professions. It covers in good detail the processes involved in getting your coffee from the farm through the roastery, through the machine and in to your cup.

At The Fat Fox, we are proud of our knowledge and want to share our expertise and skills with our customers. Our classes are aimed at people from all walks of life whether you want to brew coffee at home, improve your existing skills or learn more about the beverage we all love so much. All classes will cover the process of farming and roasting coffee linked with origin and ideal growing conditions. We will then focus on your chosen topic and have fun learning all about it. Our staff and classes are informal and are aimed at teaching and mentoring in a fun professional environment.